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Introducing the Green Moss Rosgvardiya Uniform, a pinnacle of comfort and functionality meticulously crafted for elite forces within the Rosgvardiya, inspired by the renowned ATACS FG camouflage pattern. This exceptional uniform, issued as part of the Ratnik program, is now available at Harad Imports. The distinctive green moss camo, influenced by A-TACS FG, is especially popular in the Chechen 141st Special Motorized Regiment, also known as the Kadyrovites. Designed for optimal performance, this uniform strikes a balance between lightweight breathability and robust protection, ensuring soldiers are equipped for any mission. Acquire an iconic piece of Russian and Chechen kit, available exclusively at Harad Imports.



  • Field shirt is equipped with velcro panels on sleeves and collar for insignias

  • Pants are equipped with the ability for waist adjustment

  • Inside chest pocket for storing documents (specifically, military ID) 

  • Spacious arm pockets for maps, gear, etc

  • Pants are 50% polyester 50% cotton ripstop

  • Field Shirt is 65% Cotton 35% polyester 



  • Available in Green Moss

  • Pants SIzing: 48-5 (Roughly 32” waist, 6’1 height)

  • Field Shirt Sizing: 50-4 (Roughly 40” inch, 6’ height)


Condition - New, Surplus

In overall excellent condition, unlikely to contain any signs of wear and tear. Has seen little to no prior use prior sale. 

Manufactured by BTK Group


DISCLAIMER - Products may vary from images and description


Green Moss Rosgvardiya Uniform

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