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The Pakistani Frontier Corps sources some of its equipment from local sources and craftsmen. Some of their equipment is issued by the local government, and some of their kit is individually purchased, as they have a degree of freedom to choose what they operate in. We offer two commercially made Full Assault Package Vests that have seen use by officers in the Frontier Corps.


  • Both vests are compatible with body armor inserts

  • Both vests and all pouches are MOLLE compatible


Version 1

  • Three Combined Mag Pouches

  • Medical Pouch 

  • Pistol Holster

  • Utility Pouch 

  • Radio Pouch 

  • Molle Backpack 

  • Two Shoulder D rings


Version 2

  • Three Separate Mag Pouches

  • Medical Bag

  • Radio Pouch 

  • Two TQ/Pistol Pouches

  • Optional Elastic Cumberbund

Spectre Full Assault Package Vest

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