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Introducing the 6B23 ballistic vest, a reliable and battle-tested vest designed to meet the rigorous demands of the Russian Armed Forces, now available at Harad Imports. Developed by NPP KlASS and introduced in 2003, the 6B23 has been a stalwart defender on the front lines for many significant conflicts. While lesser seen today, it is still in use by LPR and DPR forces in Ukraine, and by some Russian Mobiks from less equipped divisions. 


Features -


  • Comes with KAPs Trauma Pads to absorb impacts 

  • KAPs contain features that allow for efficient ventilation 

  • Comes with Soft armor woven into multiple sections of the armor

  • The lack of MOLLE straps is usually supplemented with a 6SH112 vest for carrying gear, however other rigs can be thrown over the vest just as efficiently


Sizing/Colour -

  • Available in EMR and VSR-98 

  • One size fits most


Condition - Used, Surplus

May have slight tears, minor repairs, or stains. Some units may have faded sections or others signs of weathering. Velcro sections have seen use but are functional.

Manufactured by NPP KIASS


DISCLAIMER - Products may vary from images and description


6B23 NPP KIASS Ballistic Vest

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