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US-GI LBV-88 Load Bearing Vest

Introducing the US-GI LBV-88 Load Bearing Vests, available at Harad Imports. These tactical vests are designed to meet the demands of military missions and outdoor adventures, ensuring unmatched functionality and durability.


Features -

  •  Constructed to military specifications for exceptional quality

  •  Built from rugged materials to withstand harsh environments

  •  Ideal for outdoor operations, airsoft enthusiasts, and survivalists

  •  Adjustable straps and buckles for a secure and personalized fit

  •  Maximum comfort and freedom of movement during intense activities

  •  Ergonomic design with excellent weight distribution

  •  Reduces fatigue and allows focus on the mission

  •  Authentic military design and robust construction

  •  Embodies professionalism and reliability

  •  Available in various camo patterns for operational environment or personal style.


Sizing/Colour -

  •  Available in woodland camo and desert camo 

  •  One size fits most


Condition -

  • New


DISCLAIMER - Products may vary from images and description

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